If you are interested in commissioning my services please contact me via email at or through my Facebook page at with a specific description of the model/s you want painted for a price quote. This description should include the exact model name/s, quantities, painting level desired (currently accepting only high end tabletop or display level), and any extras (display base, conversions, pinning, etc). Due to the large variance of model size and complexity, I do not maintain a standard list of prices.

Payment: I require a fifty percent upfront deposit, with the remainder to be paid upon photo acceptance of finished models prior to return shipping. Payment for commissions is handled either through Google Wallet or Chase QuickPay, a form of direct bank transfer.

Shipping: Standard return shipping costs within the contiguous United States are included as part of your commission. Any other shipping options are negotiable at the clients’ expense, such as expedited, international, or insured shipping. Insurance is highly recommended, as Griffon’s Roost Painting is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred from shipping. I take the utmost care in packaging your items for return, but accidents can and do happen.

Standard disclaimer: All painting and photographic representations thereof are to be credited as the work of Griffon’s Roost Painting, and not as that of client, under threat of public lambasting should I ever discover the offense. I reserve the right to use any photographs of my work as I see fit.